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 Trenchless Technology Professional Services

Drainworks is excited to offer the latest technology in water line and sewer line replacement. Now, instead of digging up costly and beautiful landscaping, cutting into driveways and sidewalks or busting through your home's floor we can easily replace your old water line or sewer line with minimal disruption to your life—and often at a lower cost than traditional methods!

Our company was the first to bring trenchless technology to Santa Fe and we have replaced over 27 miles of pipe since acquiring the equipment. You can rely on us for experience and expertise when it comes to trenchless pipe replacement, whether you need a new sewer line or a new water line.

Thorough Inspection
When you contact us for our professional trenchless technology services, our technicians will first inspect lateral sewer lines with our camera system to ensure that the line does indeed require replacing. If so, it is replaced with polyethylene pipe that cannot be penetrated by roots, is leak proof and can last up to 100 years!

Minimal Disruption
To begin the trenchless sewer replacement, two access holes are excavated at each end of the damaged pipe (typically at the sewer tap in the street and the connection to the house). A burst head is then attached to the polyethylene pipe and as the head goes along, it bursts the old pipe and pulls the new pipe right in behind.

Fast Replacement
Most trenchless sewer line replacements can take place within a day. We prep the job in the morning and then are either finished or cleaning up by the time you get home from work! You can decide to be there or not. As we said, minimal disruption to your life!

Water lines are replaced or installed just as easily. The same basic trenchless technology is applied, a pneumatic tool (mole) makes a 2" radius tunnel for the length of necessary water line required and a new water supply line is led through the tunnel and then connected. Because a trench is not being dug, the work is performed in far less time and less cost to you.

Contact CaitCo Drainworks for Professional Trenchless Technology Services
Say "NO" to trenches and unnecessary hassle, destruction, and cost! Call us today for an estimate with an inspection given by a highly trained and experienced expert in this impressive trenchless technology. Sorry, over the phone estimates are not given because of the variance in degrees of difficulty for each line replacement and to ensure you that the most accurate information is given prior to performance of the work.

Call 505-899-6688 in Albuquerque or 505-424-9191 in Santa Fe to learn how you can save time and money with a trenchless pipe replacement today!

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