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Should You Get a Mini-Split Air Conditioner for Your Santa Fe Home?

Young repairman fixing a ductless minisplit air conditioning system. Real situation
As the old adage goes, “bigger isn’t always better.” The same can be said about the AC unit you buy for your house. An air conditioner can both keep you […]

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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

High efficiency modern AC-heater units, energy save solution-horizontal, outside an apartment complex
Summer is here and the temperatures are going to climb quickly. Soon, the time will come to turn that air conditioner on and hide indoors. We all know that […]

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing an Air Conditioner in Your House

During summer, the eight hours we spend comfortably in our office are heaven. Why? Simply because of the air conditioner, which keeps us cool, and runs smoothly throughout the day. If you are lucky to have one at home, then […]

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Top 5 Reasons Air Conditioning is better than an Evaporative Cooler for Cooling a Home

It looks like that the debate between two (Air Conditioner and Evaporative Cooler) will never settle. When it comes to deciding a better and effective cooling system, there are two widely popular preferences.
Some people believe that since evaporative coolers are […]

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How Air Conditioning is Different than Evaporative Cooler Cooling

With summer at its peak, it’s important you get the most efficient cooling system for your home. Yes, that can be a struggle because there’s just too many to choose from! While that may be the case, most people are […]

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5 Things Homeowners Do That Cause Air Conditioning Problems

As a homeowner, the only problem that your air conditioning has for you is that it does not cool your home enough. This happens not just because there is some problem inside the equipment, but also because you might be […]

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