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Nu-Drain Sewer Line Replacement

It was in the early 1970s that Eric Wood developed the cured-in-place pipe technology (CIPP). It was an industry first, pioneered in England. Woods patented the technology in 1977, and later on, commercialized the product with CIPP entering the public eye first, in 1994.

CIPP was initially made for the service sector, focusing large pipe with a diameter of 4” to 118”. The process (called inversion) required digging pits for it to be utilized effectively and work well.

It was at this time, in the 1990s, that Cameron Manners of Nu-flo, made his move and enter the CIPP market with the pull-in-place method. His development focused on smaller diameter pipes, ranging from 2”–12”. Nu-flow received many patents for the technology and has since licensed it to multiple companies (400), spreading the use of the process and method over across 6 continents.

Nu-flo’s products and process has brought a revolution to the CIPP market, bringing the structural liner inside the building. Nu-Flow has since been leading the way in infrastructure rehabilitation.

About pull-in-place pipelining

What is pull-in-place lining? It is an effective process that helps restore sewage drains that have become internally corroded and eroded. It does so without the destruction and resultant heavy expenses incurred from replacing pipes.

Pipelining benefits

The product process is efficient and has several benefits for those who wish to employ it. It represents considerable fund savings over costly re-piping or pipe replacements. It further increases the life of the piping. If there is any disruption, it will be little. Nu-Flow boasts preservation of the building’s structure. This is especially beneficial to those who wish to renovate and preserve older buildings with historical significance. The pipelining also promises preservation of the surrounding landscape and ‘hardscape’. The entire process should cause little to no destruction of property.

Failures of non-pressurized pipes

Pipes that are purpose-built to transfer liquids only using gravity are non-pressurized (those that do not have any pressure rating). These pipes can become clogged or backed up. You may experience loss of structure or caving of the pipe.

Replacing pipework

Pipe replacements, traditional alternative to pipelining, come with a myriad of concerns and issues that need to be addressed. These can cost you a lot and make working an extremely difficult job. You will need to destroy existing walls, ceilings, floors, and underground structures. The damaged structure will need to be patched and repaired. The job will certainly disrupt normal functions inside the building for occupants and cause inconvenience for residents. Add to this the safety concerns that will become an issue, therefore, you will need to temporarily vacate the premises.


Nu-Flow has its trained team of technicians and trainers ready to assist and take on any job. Their experience ranges from residential and commercial projects to class A high rises, and exceedingly complex structures, such as nuclear facilities. Visit Caitco Drainworks for their products.